Interview Questions on Spring Boot

Some of questions on Spring Boot will asked while interviewing candidates. These are as follows:

  1. What is Differences between Model, ModelMap, and ModelAndView?

  2. Spring Boot vs Spring MVC vs Spring - How do they compare?

  3. What is Auto Configuration?

  4. What are Spring Boot Starter Projects?

  5. Can you explain more about Starters with an example?

  6. What are the other Starter Project Options that Spring Boot provides?

  7. How does Spring enable creating production ready applications in quick time?

  8. What is the minimum baseline Java Version for Spring Boot 2 and Spring 5?

  9. Is Spring Initializr the only way to create Spring Boot Projects?

  10. Why do we need spring-boot-maven-plugin?

  11. How can I enable auto reload of my application with Spring Boot?

  12. What and Why Embedded Servers?

  13. How to deploy to a different server with Spring Boot?

  14. Where can I find the complete list of properties that can be configured in