Html and CSS Working

html page design using selenium

  • We will be writing code for below given page.

  • Here, after clicking on ‘login’ button ‘success page’ should appear and similarly after clicking on ‘sign up’ button ‘registration page’ should appear as shown in the above and below images.

login success html page using selenium

sign up html form

Now write the below given code for ‘login’ and ‘sign up’ in notepad and save it as “login.html”. Then open the two files i.e. Login.html and signup.html in any browser.

Clicking on Login button will go to success.html page

Clicking on Sign up button will go to signup.html

Clicking on Submit button will go to signupsuccess.html page

We will use css just to make our pages consistent. We can add colors, size and many more things in order to add consistency across all fields and pages. Now, create css file as shown below with the name ‘Ok.css’

Now change your login page as mentioned in the below given code.

Here in this program div and background images will appear.