Spring Boot Project with Spring Initializr

Step 1:- Go to URL -> https://start.spring.io/

Step 2:- Fill the details on Spring Initializer page as below.

  • Project – Maven Project

  • Language – Java

  • Spring Boot 2.2.4

  • Project Metadata:-

    1. Group (eg. com.javabykiran)

    2. Artifact (eg. SpringDemo)

    3. Options:-

      1. Name

      2. Description

      3. Package Name

      4. Packaging – jar

      5. Java – 8

  • Dependencies (eg. Spring Web, Spring Boot Devtools)

  • Spring Initializr Home Page

    Fill Details on Spring Initializr Home Page

  • To add dependency – Search the dependencies to add -> Click on Plus side (Dependency will get added).

  • Add Dependencies by search option given on Spring Initializr Page

  • All the added dependencies will be get shown on right side as below.

  • After adding all dependencies click on Generate (This will download your project).

  • Click on Generate button given on Spring Initializr page to download our Project

  • Open the folder in which project is get downloaded with the help of option show in folder.

  • Zip file of our Spring Project will be downloaded after clicking on Generate button

    Step 3:-

  • Right-click on project and click on Extract Here.

  • Right-click on zip file of Spring Project and select Extract Here option

    You can see extracted file as shown below.

    Spring Project is extracted

    Step 4:-

  • Open the Eclipse IDE

  • Import the extracted project folder in eclipse with the help of Import option.

  • Import the extracted Spring project folder in Eclipse with the help of Import option

  • In the search box type Maven and choose Existing Maven Projects.

  • Click on Next.

  • In Import window in Eclipse, search Maven and choose Existing Maven Projects and click on Next

  • Browse the Project and select the project folder.

  • Browse the Spring Project and select the project folder to Import in Eclipse

  • Click on Finish.

  • After selecting Spring Project to Import in Eclipse click on Finish

  • Now we can see that our project is imported as shown is below image.

  • Spring Project is imported in Eclipse

    Step 5:-

  • Open the SpringDemoApplication.java file

  • Run SpringDemoApplication.java as java Application

  • Now run Spring Project as Java Application in Eclipse

  • On Console you can see image of the Spring which means that your spring boot project is successfully imported and running.

  • On Console we can see image of the Spring which means that our Spring Boot project is successfully imported and running